Religion appeals to the male ego

Religion is for those who cannot find their own purpose in life. These kind of people, or should I say ‘sheep’, need someone to instruct them on how to live their life and not make them feel as useless as they already are.However most of all, religion was made to please the male ego. To reassure them that they are actually important and won’t die a meaningless life. 

That’s why the concept of jihad (struggle) is so appealing to men. ISIS is a prime example of that. These men want to feel like heroes by sacrificing themselves for a cause or ideology. As if blowing themselves up and hurting innocent people and children will guarantee them a straight path to heaven! 

Such wretched and despicable beings… They are so easily manipulated and controlled by crazy religious leaders. FOOLS…All of them! Can’t think for themselves. Just lost in their ego…